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10 things I learnt at Photography Farm

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The Top Ten things that I learnt on this years Photography Farm Week.

1 - The Photography Farm is AWESOME!

Seriously imagine a bunch of like-minded photographers all hanging around in a cool as F*&K farm house where Queen wrote Bohemian Rhapsody, being taught by some of the best in the business, having an amazing time and polishing their businesses and photography skills while having a total blast and you’re not even coming close to how seriously un-be-f*&king-leavble it actually was.

2 - Onsies are in this season

I think that I was one of the only people not to have a Onesie at the Photography Farm. Can someone please explain them to me?

3 - What to do if someone steals your photography

Its much much cheaper than you think to follow up on this and get a solicitor to send them a letter, get them to stop and possibly get some financial compensation out of it. Scott Gair from Mayo Wynn Baxter did the most eye-opening workshop on Photography and the Law. It really did make me think about my business and what I need to do to protect my clients and myself.

4 - Sassy can’t swim

I found this out after Sassy from Assasynation (yep that one who shot 66 weddings last year) decided to jump into the swimming pool one night after having a few drinks. Oh and she also shares my appreciation of Hip Hop.

About me from viva wedding photography.

5 - I still hate the sound of my own voice

I’ve got to thank Richard Wakefield from FX Media who is a filming guru. He taught the Filming with your DSLR workshop and was very kind to film my ‘About me’ video that I’ve only been planning for around six months. So a massive thanks to Rich. Please do check out me on video trying to make sure that I remember the words I’m supposed to say and don’t make a mistake, as this was kinda a one take deal.

6 - Mellisa Love is a design genius

I was gutted not to be able to attend Melisa’s workshop on Designing You into Your Business as I was teaching my On-Camera Flash workshop at the time, but I did manage to have a 1-2-1 session with her on the design of my website and also managed to stay up to the small hours of the morning chatting to her about design while drinking some lovely Whisky. What that girl doesn’t know about design and photography websites, isn’t worth knowing.

7 - Neil needs a new belt

I’ve got to say that the farm wouldn’t be the same without Neil Thomas Douglas. Him and Zoe Campbell (who is so lovely & sweet) were the house elves and helped run the show, but Neil was a constant source of entertainment, friendship and just generally someone to have a laugh with and I’m so glad that he was there. Even if he does wear trousers like a hipster.

8 - I need to become a better at business

One of the workshops that I enjoyed the most (I loved them all but this one was right up my ally) was Barefoot Business with Stewart Randall (from FOLIO albums). I’m fascinated by business and often ask if photographers are business people first or photographers first and what the relationship is to one another. Well after taking Stewarts workshop I really want to focus on the business side of what I do to provide a better service for my clients and to strengthen Viva Wedding Photography for the future.

9 - Lisa Devlin deserves a holiday

Seriously, that girl done well. Photography Farm Week was an outstanding success. I think we had something like over 120 people come to farm week. We had people traveling from three different continents and countless time zones. I guarantee that the wedding industry won’t be the same after this. There are so many photographers out there right now who have just honed their photography skills, polished their website / branding / online presence and sharpened up their business skills and that’s all down to one person. The one, the only Lisa Devlin (aka my photography wife)

10 - Top ten lists work well for blog post

I’ve got the How to be Famous Online workshop with Kat Williams, Shauna Haider and Gala Darling to thank for that.

11 - (cheeky extra one) – I shouldn’t leave my facebook account logged in on unattended computers!!!!

OMG I could have just kept going on and on and on. There was so much to talk about. I didn’t even mention Brook Davis and her partner Tavis (who we all feel in love with them both a little bit) Kirsty Mitchell and her emotional, beautiful and extraordinary work. Eliza Clare, Shell De Mar, finding pictures of Freddie Mercury sitting in the same chair as me, the food, my early morning swims, the ghost, light painting in the snow with sparklers, all the amazing people that came for the day and all the cool photographers who hung out and stayed one or more nights and made the farm what it was and everyone else who helped so much (like baking cakes) but couldn’t come (there are far far to many people to mention).

Thank you Photography Farm. Please put my name at the top of the list to teach, attend classes, hang out, get drunk, chat way too late into the night, eat the best food and just generally be at one of the best places on the planet when you do it all again.

(I didn't take that many pictures, but all the ones here were taken on my Light Painting workshop or that night when we held a secret workshop in the pool house)