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Why my website always changes

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For the more eagle eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that the Viva Wedding Photography website had undergone a slight redesign. I think that a website and business should be thought of as an organic object. It’s something that constantly changes / adapts / improves etc. As a business progresses you learn about the way things work and you need to change to take those lessons into account. The same is true of a website. Over the years I’ve tweaked and overhauled. I’ve redesigned and rebranded a few times. I’ve looked at the way that people are using the site though Google Analytics and also taken advice and feedback from a number of very talented people who’s opinions I trust greatly.

As a result of this, the website has changed again. I think that nothing has stayed the same on this site for more than six months, as I believe in trying to offer the people who visit the site and the couples who weddings I shoot a better and better experience. After all who wants to deal with someone who is stuck in their ways and doesn’t adapt to the needs of people?

So a few slight things have changed. I’ve tried to make the site less corporate and more fun. So typefaces have changed, things have been softened and buttons have been made to look more like the rest of the site. As well as a few little tweaks and twists here and there.

So I hope you like it and can see the difference it makes and keep you’re eyes peeled as it’ll probably change again in a few months as I learn how people are using it in a different way.

A big thanks to Mike Oddhaward for all the hard work that he's put into it and for the advice from Melissa Love gave me one drunken night at the Photography Farm.

Here is the old site:

and here is the new one for you to compare the subtle tweaks:

Let me know what you think? Do you like it? Have I made a massive mistake? Do you regularly look at your site and mix things up?