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Brighton Beach Light Painting

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst2 Comments

wedding light painting on brighton beach I love a good light painting photo at a wedding. Although I haven't done any this year.

But that all changed on Friday night when I shot Rebecca and Marc's wedding at Blanch House in Brighton. They had told me that they specifically loved my light painting shots and getting some of them on their wedding day was a must.

So off we trekked down to the beach where I proceeded to prance around like an idiot waving a load of torches. I'm really pleased with the shot as its actually quite difficult to do this on Brighton beach as there is so much light coming from the town. I had wanted Rebecca & Marc to be a silhouette, but the amount of light hitting them prevented that. I also wanted to do something a little different than having a couple standing there staring at the camera.

Anyway here is my sneak peek for of the wedding coming on the blog at some point.

All the best Rebecca & Marc. Have a fun Honeymoon.