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31 for Jan, Photo-boothAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

it's me the photographer in wedding photo booths Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

I just realised that I haven't included any images from any photo booths this year.

So here are a couple of shots from just some of the fun photo booths that I've done in 2013.

We've had some amazing ones and people have really got creative with them. We've done a Miami Vice themed one, fancy dress, sea side, usual suspects, mistletoe kissing booth, a whole living room built in one of them, black and white portraits, balloons and i'm sure there is one or two that i've forgotten.

Anyway if you want to see some more of the totally individual (I like to tailor them to each couple) wedding photo booths that i've done over the years, check out that link.

Miami Vice Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

So here is the photo booth from Eleanor & Nicks fantastic Winter Wedding at the Century Club in Soho. They went with a loose Miami Vice theme as they both met in Miami and they sure went to town on the props. I just loved this wedding and the photo booth......not to mention Eleanor and Nick.

Oh and I lit this photo booth with a big light behind, to kinda make it look like the sun was shining down on them, on a very dark and wet winters day.

These pics still make me laugh they were such fun to shoot.

Oh and if you want to see more from their Fun London Wedding, just click the link.

Portrait Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

You should know by now that I love a good Photo Booth at a wedding. They are such a fun and they kinda fill that awkward time between the end of the meal and the begining of the first dance. It's a chance for the guests to have a good laugh and the bride and groom to get some great shots of their friends and family. In this case Lucy and Adam (Check out their amazing wedding here) had discussed with me about doing a slightly more serious portrait style photo booth, rather than a fancy dress or themed photo booth. We all looked at some amazing photographers and picked a black and white style for the portraits with a strong white background and lots of contrast to the images.

The idea being that Lucy and Adam are going to put all the images into a grid style frame and hang them in their home. I love the portraits on their own, and I did my best to encourage the guests to put their personalities into each portrait, but I think that it really works when you look at all the portraits as a whole.

I try to tailor each Photo Booth to each couple, as I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so if you're interested in seeing a few more of my Photo Booths click this link.


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The Pirate Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

As a famous rabbit once said "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date" Well i'm not late, just behind in posting what I've been up to, so here is a photo booth from much earlier in the year.

This is from Allie & Matt's wedding which took place at Powder Mills Hotel in East Sussex. And I can't tell you how pleased I was that they went for a Pirate themed Photo Booth. So very cool.


Movie Buff's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment
thumb - h&t-pb-122

Heather and Tim are MASSIVE movie fans!!!! They had a super cool movie themed wedding (which you can see here) at the Lowry Centre in Manchester, where every table was one of their favorite movies and a movie themed cake which was just out of this world.

We thought we'd do something special for their photo booth (actually we do something special for every photo booth) involving the movie theme. We used just one light, lower than you would normally use a light and put a soft box ( a big square light shaper) on it and had it just out of frame with the guests looking into the light. The idea being that it would make the person in the photo booth look like they were lit by a television which was just out of the frame.

We also got some 3D specs and boxes of popcorn and told each guests that they had to act like they were watching a Comedy / Horror / Suspense / Romance film. We just shouted different types of movies at them and captured the reaction.

It worked so well and everyone loved it. Check out the shots and look at the shot of the Vicar who really got stuck into it!!!!

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Superhero's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

We just loved shooting this particular photo booth. I think that we came up with the idea for a superhero's themed one when we met Emma & James for their initial meeting. They both spent many an evening making all of the props / signs / masks / capes etc. and the effort really paid off!!!!

Emma & James were married at the fantastic Pangdean Barns, just outside of Brighton, Sussex. We'll be posting photo's from their big day on the blog at some point so watch this space. In the mean time, if you want to see more from Emma & James, check out the Brighton Seafront engagement shoot that we did for them the day before their wedding day.

If you're interested in talking to us about capturing your big day why not get in contact for a chat.

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American Trucker Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

So you have to check out this uber cool photo booth that we did for Lou & Pete's (sneak peek here) wedding at Cain Manor in the Hampshire / Surrey boarder area, the other week. Yep that's right, it's an American Trucker themed photo booth!!!!!!!

We came up with the idea after talking to Lou & Pete about what to do for the photo booth and they told us that they are planning on driving around Route 66 in the states, so BAM the idea just came out of that.

We sourced a giant Stars & Stripes, got some trucker caps, some flags on sticks, aviator sunglasses and of course some silly moustaches.....what more could you want??????

Massive thanks to all the guests who took part and really got into the spirt of our photo booths. And we love the quote from Pete (The groom) at the end of the night who admitted to us that he wasn't so sure about the photo booth when we initially talked about it. But thought it was just AMAZING when we did it and totally 'got it' and was so glad that they had one for their wedding.

Lou & Pete are such a cool couple, just check out the Wonder Woman & Superman engagement shoot that we did for them here.

You'll have to watch this space to see the images from their wedding, but we couldn't wait to show you what has fast become one of our favorite photo booths that we've done.

Hopefully, you can get an idea about what we did for Lou & Pete, by looking at the whole photography package of engagement shoot, wedding photography and photo booth. We always like to do things a little differently from other wedding photographer’s and give our couples more than just wedding photo’s. If you’d like to speak to us about your wedding photography we’d love to hear from you just click this link to get in contact.

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A Bubblicious Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

So you should know by now that we like to have fun with our photo booths! We try to shake them up and make everyone unique to the wedding couple. We've had people dressed up as pirates, air guitar-ing, tea drinking, wearing geeky specks and we've got some great ideas coming up this year, so watch this space!

We shot Katherine and Malcolm's wedding (sneak peek here) the day before New Year's Eve last year, and we came up with the idea to get the guests blowing bubbles for the camera. This wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. For some reason, if you mix wedding guests, a few drinks and some hard to blow bubble, you get a hilarious result. Esspecially funny was the bride (Katherine) who just had a total bubble meltdown!

If you'd like to see Katherine & Malcolm's fun Cupcake decorating engagement shoot have a look here. And if you'd like to see a sneak peek of one of our favorite shots from their day, have a look here.

If you're interested in speaking to us and finding out what we can do with your wedding photography, we'd love to hear from you. So give us a shout here.

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Lucy & Chris's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

It's been a while since we posted a photo booth. We are so far behind on blog posts that its ridiculous. This fab photo booth was from the super great Lucy & Chris's wedding (Yes we'll post that up too at some point.......eventually). You know when you just click with people from the moment you meet them. Well that's Lucy & Chris for you.

We love this photo booth. It just goes to prove that the simplist ideas can really work the best. So the only props that we used were those nasty / geeky 3D glasses that you get when you go to the cinema now. All we did was pop out the lenses and hay presto!

So thanks to every single guest that we shot. Especially the little girls who really didn't want to wear the glasses, but struggled though long enough for us to get our shot. And also a big apology to the group who didn't want to wear the glasses, and were forced to by us as 'no one escapes the specs!'

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Layla & Dave's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

This was a fab Sussex / Surrey boarders wedding with a cool vintage style provided by the amazing Jam & Tea. Keep your eye on the blog for their actual wedding pictures, as well as the fun engagement shoot movie that we did a while back. In the mean time here are the photographs from their Photo Booth.

All styling, including the classic vintage props / glasses / hats etc. provided by the lovely Maryanne at Jam & Tea.

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Karen & Tommy's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

We've been so busy that we are a bit behind with the blog posts. So here is the photo booth from Karen & Tommy's beautiful English countryside wedding in Norfolk. It was such a fun photo booth to do, with all of the guests getting into the spirit of the booth and really going for it.

Once again we kept things simple but changed the booth up; as we like to do for every wedding.

If you'd like one of Viva Wedding Photography's unique photo booths at your big day, just get in contact with us.


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