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How to have fun with Off Camera Flash for a couples shoot

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How to have fun with Off Camera Flash for a couples shoot

I've just come back from an amazing week with Photography Farm and Farm Shop, where we put two wedding photography conferences and workshops on in Brighton and Glasgow.

I gave three talks over the week on how to capture amazing dance floor shots by using flash and having fun. And while I was in Glasgow I was so inspired with the industrial building (The Glue Factory) we were in and the other photographers that were there, that I really wanted to do a quick shoot with a couple. So I managed to grab the lovely guys who were making the best coffee from their stall for a quick 30 mins and we raced around the building with two off camera flashes and had a bit of fun.

So I wanted to show that you don't have to have much equipment, just an open mind and a bit of creativity to get a few different set ups and looks with your photography.

If you'd like to learn more about how to work smart with flash photography, we're bringing Photography Farm Elements back to Brighton and Glasgow in May, so do give us a shout.

Vintage Scoops Ice Cream Van

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I get to meet some great people in this job and I was very fortunate to meet Vic from the wonderful Vintage Scoops Ice Cream Van. Who commissioned me to do a shoot for her. Most of my commercial photography (it's what I spend most of my time doing, allowing me to really enjoy wedding photography) is featured on my website. So it's nice to be able to show some her for you.

I hope you like the shots and want an Ice Cream afterwards.


Brighton Hen Do photography

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I don't shoot many of them, but when I do shoot a Hen Do in Brighton I seem to get some really alternative and quirky ones. (here's one that I shot the other year). So this was a fun 1950s themed / styled hen do. I was asked to shoot the getting ready stages, just before the girls hit the town. It was a surprise for the Bride, who didn't know that I was coming along.

I shot some documentary photos, individual portraits of all the girls and then we went outside to do a big group shot. And I can tell you that the when I took the last shot, there were quite a few guys walking past who got a right treat!!!

Superheroes Engagement Shoot

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l&p - ES-010

Thank you thank you thank you to Lou & Pete for being game and agreeing to our mad idea of getting them to dress up as Wonder Woman and Superman for their superhero themed engagement shoot. How cool are they! So you know that we like to do things in our own special way at Viva Wedding Photography. We refuse to do an engagement shoot like the millions that we've seen before, where the couple are having a 'Vintage Picnic' or something similar and cliche. Have a look at our past engagement shoots for some of the ideas that we've done in the past.

We'd only spoken on the phone to Pete before and never met either of them in person, but in testing the waters over some of our ideas, we asked Pete what kind of films they like watching. Pete told us that they are quite partial to superheroes movies (in fact Pete also told us on the engagement shoot that one of their first dates to the cinema was a choice between a chick flick and X-men. They ended up seeing X-men and Pete said he knew Lou was the girl for him then and there).

So with the superheroes theme in our minds we began to think of ideas. When we asked them which Superheroes do they see themselves as, and they said that Pete is Superman and Lou is Wonder Woman. That was it, there was no doubt in our mind that we were hiring them those costumes for the engagement shoot!

We decided to tone down our initial idea of having them run though the streets of town wearing the costumes and do a studio type shoot instead. Having a professional photographer shoot you for your wedding, is often the first time that most people have had their photograph taken properly and can be quite a daunting experience (unless you have the right photographer), espesially on a day when you are quite nervous anyway. That's why we always recomend having an engagement shoot as it just helps to get better images of your wedding. Although doing a very posed studio type shoot with studio lights etc. is nothing like how we shoot on wedding days, the purpouse of the engagement shoot was to show Lou & Pete that having your photo taken can be really fun, and they are now totally prepared for the photography on their wedding day.

We can't wait to shoot Lou & Pete's wedding and spendning more time with such a fun couple. Thanks so much guys.

If you'd like to talk to us about any cool and out there ideas for your engagement shoot, just give us a shout!


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Simple London Engagement Shoot

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It's been a while since we posted an engagement shoot. So we thought we'd show you this one which we shot the other week in London by Tower Bridge. We've been trying to explore the idea of engagement shoot's recently and coming up with some interesting ideas. Like an engagement shoot based on the first date idea, we took a couple to the South Bank in London where they used to go on lots of early dates. We shot it like it was one of their first dates and it all lead up to their first kiss. We really liked the idea and the tension in the photos of 'The First Kiss Engagement Shoot".

Another shoot we did was to set up a Cupcake decorating class for a couple who were really into cooking. We didn't tell them what we had planned, we just organised it and hoped they liked it (which they did). We told them to just enjoy the class and to forget about having their photo taken in "The Cup Cake Engagement Shoot".

Well for this latest shoot, we thought we'd take it back to basics again. So it was just us, our camera and the couple. No props, no fancy ideas, no really set ideas of where to shoot; just pure photography rapport.

There is something really nice about turning up for a shoot and meeting two people for the first time, who haven't ever been photographed by a professional photographer before and just working with them to get some lovely photo's.

We didn't really have a plan of where to shoot, but just walked around for about half an hour on the river side by Tower Bridge. While we were walking to do the shoot, we chatted with the Bride & Groom about architecture, so that kind of influenced our thinking about the photo's, so there is a very modern, gray, hard lines feel to the images. We like the fact that this was a spur of the moment thing and we had the freedom to do this on the day.

We are really pleased with the photos and got some lovely comments back from our clients. When all is said and done, sometimes it's nice going back to basics and just shooting with your camera and your subjects. We hope you like the photo's too.

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13 Brides - Hen Do

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Last week we got an email asking if Viva would be interested in taking some photos of a hen do. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. However, we were then told that the girls would all be dressed up in old wedding dresses and aiming to look 'tacky'. Well how could we resist.

Being based in Brighton, we see a lot of hen do's and stag parties, and have practically seen it all from the usual, cowboy boots / cowboy hats and girls dressed as devils etc. to the more unusual. But this was so left of left field, that we just had to do the photography for them.

We met the 13 brides (and one guy - who wasn't in a wedding dress, but looked great none the less), including the actual bride Anna, on Brighton Pier and spent a little while having some fun and shooting a few set ups quickly.

Many thanks to Anna and the rest of them for being such good sports and seeing the reaction that they all got just walking along, we know they must have had a great night.