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Brighton Winter Wedding 5th Anniversary

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I can't believe that it's been five years since the Brighton Winter Wedding of Haruka & Matt.

They were married at Brighton Town Hall and then we had a fun time walking around town at dusk taking photos. I love the winter light.

Massive congrats to both Haruka & Matt who i've really enjoyed seeing their family grow over the last five years on Facebook.

Islington Town Hall Autumn Wedding

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Islington Town Hall Autumn Wedding

I always like seeing my couples anniversaries on Facebook. 

So a massive Happy Anniversary to Heidi and Ed who were married at Islington Town Hall with a North London Reception.

I just love Autumn and Winter weddings, there is just so much more texture and colours around. Which makes being creative so much easier.

20% off Winter Weddings in Daylight Savings Time

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Winter Weddings

Winter Wedding Special Offer

So I love Winter Weddings so much that i'm gonna have a special offer (a massive 20% discount) this year on any Winter Wedding that I get to shoot in Daylight Savings Time. So thats any wedding up to Sunday 27th March 2016.

Why do I love Winter Weddings?

Well as you may or may not know I love shooting low light weddings. I get excited about using flash and lighting things to be creative. I teach other wedding photographers how to shoot winter weddings and I'm somewhat embarrassingly know as Grand Master Flash.

When it gets dark earlier, I get more of a chance to be creative and capture weddings in a totally unique way. Most of my favourite wedding shots have been taken after dark with my flashes. When I'm shooting a summer wedding and it's still light at 9pm. I just don't get the chance to do this. So when it gets dark at 5pm. Thats just perfect for me and my style of shooting.

Your winter wedding.

So if you've been panicking that you're having a dark winter wedding with low or little light. Don't worry, you just haven't found the right photographer.......until now.

If you'd like to have a chat with me about this special offer please do drop me a line as i'd love to talk to you about capturing your wedding in a creative way.

Funky Sussex Wedding

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One from the archive here. A very cool and relaxed wedding in the heart of the Sussex Countryside.

I love it when I get to shoot a couple of weddings from the same family or friendship groups as I get to meet people over again and catch up with them. So I'd shot Becky's (the bride above) sister Maddy's wedding the year before, so it was nice seeing their family again. 

What was great about this fun wedding was that it was a really relaxed and chilled affair with a smaller wedding party than a huge wedding. So everyone gets to know each other.

Brighton Civil Partnership 5th Anniversary

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Brighton Town Hall / Pavilion / Fabrica Gallery Brighton Civil Partnership 

So I seriously can't believe that it's been a whole five years since Paul & Cass got married at the Brighton Town Hall. Well I say got married but it was Civil Partnerships back then. 

Warning the soppy side of me is about to come out......I almost cried when Paul arrived outside the Brighton Town Hall and was greeted by Cass. The love that these two guys have for each other clearly showed and I had a big lump in my throat and had to hold back the tears.

After the ceremony we walked around to Brighton Pavilion and managed to take what is still one of my favourite shots. (The guys with the kilts on at the beginning of the post) After that the reception was held in Fabrica Gallery in the heart of Brighton's Lanes. It was such a fun day.

So i'd like to wish Cass and Paul a massive congratulations and heres to many more happy anniversaries!!!

Vintage Scoops Ice Cream Van

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I get to meet some great people in this job and I was very fortunate to meet Vic from the wonderful Vintage Scoops Ice Cream Van. Who commissioned me to do a shoot for her. Most of my commercial photography (it's what I spend most of my time doing, allowing me to really enjoy wedding photography) is featured on my website. So it's nice to be able to show some her for you.

I hope you like the shots and want an Ice Cream afterwards.


Worthing Dome Wedding

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I love shooting other photographers weddings. This time I was very fortunate to be able to capture one of my second shooters wedding. The amazing Sarah who's shot with me for a good number of years now. So Sarah and Ben got married at Long Furlong Barn, followed by a reception at Worthing Dome & Cinema. 

I just want to wish Sarah and Ben all the best for their married life together and thanks so much for having me at the wedding. It was a really special day.


Islington Town Hall Wedding

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Ok i'm getting these images out early as I couldn't wait to edit them. I shot such a fun day yesterday at Islington Town Hall and The Amadeus Centre in London. With the lovely Gemma & Will and all their cool friends and family.

I just love winter weddings as it lets me play with light and get creative. So come on winter wedding people, get in contact with me as I WANT to shoot your wedding!!!

I've shot these two venues before and while I don't really like shooting the same venue more than once, (as I don't want to shoot the same photos over and over again) yesterday actually was cool as I really had to push myself to be creative and get something different and alternative from the shots.

So I well done Gemma and Will who are probably on a plane somewhere about to have a fun honeymoon.