Fun with the ring shot

If you know my wedding photography, you know that I can’t stand anything traditional. For me it’s got to be quirky, fun and creative.

So i’ve been thinking about the traditional ‘ring shot’ that us wedding photographers have to take. What’s it for? What’s it’s purpose?  It’s almost as if you take the photo to say, yes there are some rings and here they are.

Anyway, I’ve been having a bit of fun with them recently. I’m not the first wedding photographer to get creative with the ring shot, but it’s made a refreshing change for me and allows me to be more creative with another aspect of wedding photography. I’m also really enjoying the challenge of finding something new to do when taking the shot on the day.

I hope you like them.

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  1. Hahaha.. love them! Especially the one with the little axe man

  2. Love the Audi, love the little people! Darn wish I’d known about you when I got married….

  3. Nice work Adam… particularly love that first shot :D

    Joanna Millington
  4. Very creative! Love it :) XxX

  5. maybe focussing your lens and exposing correctly would help too…on top of your “quirky and creative” images.

  6. Jake – thanks for your comment. Which images are out of focus?

    Viva Wedding Photography