Portrait Photo Booth

You should know by now that I love a good Photo Booth at a wedding. They are such a fun and they kinda fill that awkward time between the end of the meal and the begining of the first dance.

It’s a chance for the guests to have a good laugh and the bride and groom to get some great shots of their friends and family. In this case Lucy and Adam (Check out their amazing wedding here) had discussed with me about doing a slightly more serious portrait style photo booth, rather than a fancy dress or themed photo booth. We all looked at some amazing photographers and picked a black and white style for the portraits with a strong white background and lots of contrast to the images.

The idea being that Lucy and Adam are going to put all the images into a grid style frame and hang them in their home. I love the portraits on their own, and I did my best to encourage the guests to put their personalities into each portrait, but I think that it really works when you look at all the portraits as a whole.

I try to tailor each Photo Booth to each couple, as I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so if you’re interested in seeing a few more of my Photo Booths click this link.


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  1. really beautiful photos…. very interesting